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Mahnaz Ra’oufi (From Baha’ism to conversion to Islam)

It is a cult established and supported directly by the British colonialism; a cult which has been turned into an important arm of colonialism during the past two hundred years; in a way that during the period, they have had various movements against the Iranian nation and their beliefs directly and indirectly, and unfortunately, most people have little information about it, even the assassination and martyrdom of the national hero of Iran namely Amir Kabir was done by the Baha’i agents and they are still carrying out various activities against national and religious interests of the Iranian nation. The activities that we have tried to reveal part of them in an interview with Mahnaz Ra’oufi a well-known writer who is one of the cult’s penitents. Ra’oufi is one of famous figures who has been able to expose this colonial cult, of which they have been members for generations, by publishing books, lecturing and publishing various articles. Her books are especially recommended for teenagers and young people who are at risk of propaganda of this cult.

First of all, can you give an overview of the number of Baha’is because they are known to be numerous in society?

Yes, it is usually thought that there are many Baha’is, but this is not correct, they exaggerate in this regard. As far as I have analyzed the provinces, there are 1,000 to 2,000 Baha’is in each province, bringing the total to 50,000. Although they are few, they each have a lot of work to do, and the establishment has entrusted them with as many as ten people. I did this research when I was a Baha’i. Since I was a musician and went to different cities, beside the job, I also asked about the number of Baha’is in that province. At the time of the former regime, which was the height of the Baha’ism and there was enough space, the number was twice more than now. They are much less today, but this issue should not be overlooked.

In your opinion, to what extent can the Baha’ism have an impact on forming and directing our lifestyle?

The Baha’is always lay the groundwork first, because they and all the enemies of Islam have one goal in mind, and that is the destruction of Islam and the revolution; I think their intention now is a cultural invasion. They have succeeded in this goal and have been able to influence many religious families who are not very devoted and most of their Islam is hereditary and nominal; Even though, they have never been successful in military aggression, they have unfortunately taken the lead in cultural invasion. When I ask the combatants of Islam to what extent the enemy’s propaganda against the country has been effective on the fronts, they say that we have always been successful in all situations. Honestly, they have never been and will never be successful through military aggression, but the issue of culture is their way of infiltration.

As an anti-Baha’i activist, how do you evaluate the propaganda to introduce the Baha’i cult and enlighten the people in real and cyber space?

It’s very good; In my opinion, the more we work in this regard, the less it is, and it should be done in various fields, including writing, audio-visual, Internet, website, blogging and so on so that the people become familiar with the tricks of Baha’ism and this evil plague is rooted in society. We have to notify the people in every street and neighborhood, and in even mosques. It is not true at all that it is said that the notification magnifies them, but on the contrary it is our duty to vaccinate society. Certainly, if we stand aside and do nothing, they will take the initiative and destroy public minds and ideas, so they should not be given the opportunity to emerge and act. Propaganda is a religious concern and a religious pain, and we must try to promote it more than before.

Recently, insulting the presence of the Fourteen Infallibles (AS) has become widespread. In your opinion, can we say that they have a hand in such insults?

To me, we need to find the roots. What actions and reactions are carried out which are led to insulation because there is no insulation at first. First, the grounds are provided so that the media which is later in fact, execute it. Those who insult the presence of the Imams (AS) have the same issue of skepticism and desecration in their program that precedes explicit insult. They have declared religion obsolete and are fighting against Islamic beliefs, they want to cook Islam’s goose, and this is part of their nature and survival. This is one of the reasons behind their establishment because when the Baha’ism cult was established, their mission was to fight against Islam and sanctities. No doubt that the origin of all of these anti-religion and anti-Shia is the behind-the-scene agents of Baha’ism. 

After the sedition of 1388 (2009), it was revealed clearly that the Baha’is had played a role in inciting the sedition. Why, on the one hand, do they claim that they have nothing to do with politics, but on the other hand, they have such interferences?   

As it was revealed, the Baha’is were present in the sedition. Be sure that they will also interfere in the next presidential elections because they are against the Islamic Republic particularly the governance of Islam especially the Shia School and in particular the issue of Ijtihad and the topic of waiting and stubbornly oppose issues that prevent the enemy from dominating Iran. They are against Imam Hussein (PBUH) to be as a role model and do not accept “waiting”. So, they continuously fight against Iran and Islamic government. Although they apparently claim that they have nothing to do with politics but this is a sheer lie; because the creators of Baha’ism are against Islam and its governance. So I think they are waiting for the election, if the people do not come on the scene, they will only vote for whomever they want, and they definitely find a better space for more performance in the country.

They oppose to exemplifying Imam Hussein (AS) as a role model and do not accept the waiting for reappearance (of Imam Zaman), so they will never give up the fight against Iran and the Islamic government. Although they seem to say they have nothing to do with politics. This is a sheer lie; because the creators of Baha’ism are against Islam and its governance. So, in my opinion, they are waiting for how the election is going to be held. If the people do not come to the scene, they will definitely find more room for more performance in the country. They are seditionists and skeptics, the Baha’is are born of politics, they pretend to be oppressed in order to attract people, otherwise you should know the truth is something else.  

In view of the fact, in your opinion, what will be the future strategy of the Baha’is?

If the elections are held safely and without any movement, naturally those who are voted are suitable for the system and society, but if the elections are not held safely, be sure that the Baha’is will enter the field as before and because the Western countries support them, they will spare no effort to conspire.

Do the Baha’is own any media in order to advertise and plan officially?

No, the Baha’is have no independent media. They are always insidiously seeking to influence and exploit other media. They take advantage of every network and media that gives them the slightest opportunity. They only have a radio station called “Payam-e Doost”, which also broadcasts the recoded programs of the Baha’is. Sometimes they show recorded programs inside the programs of Pars TV satellite network.  

You had an interview with Adib Masoudi, a penitent of Baha’ism. First tell us briefly why it is important to talk about this figure and secondly do you like to make a documentary from the interview?

Adib Masoudi was a clergy during the Shah’s regime who was deceived and tempted by the Baha’is because he was very poor. They gave him a lot of money. After a while, he was forced to either cooperate or return the money. He and his family were even threatened; as a result, he became a Baha’i by force. The Baha’is then magnified him and introduced him even to the level of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and finally did a lot of maneuvering and propaganda on him. After 18 years, he felt he could break free from the yoke of the Baha’is. After repentance, he informed the people of all the facts in the form of 50 speeches that what happened, and made public information and turned into a great anti-Baha’i. I have released the interview on the Baha’i website; Most of my own articles can also be seen on the website. I intend to document this interview and all the interviews and memories I had about it.

Why did you go to him?

Someone told me that there is such a person and he has converted to Islam, but now he visits no one due to old age, but I recommend so that you can meet him as a writer and write his memoirs. Thank God there was an opportunity and I had a detailed interview with him.

Why do you seek so much to enlighten the public opinion of the Baha’ism and follow such subjects?

This is my job. On the hand, I used to be a Baha’i. I know this sect well and my intention is to enlighten and inform the public, so I go to the penitents and get their memories.

Can you introduce a good book or sources in this regard?

Among those who have divorced from the cult of Baha’ism, there are people who have had a good position among the Baha’is and have been somehow among outstanding Baha’i figures and now they have repented and realized their mistake. They have written good books on this sect that can be a good source of information; including the book of Mr. Ayati known as Avazeh and Mohtadi Sobhi with two books “Kashfat al-Hial” and “Sobhi”. These books, along with other works, can be effective in introducing Baha’ism and raising the public awareness.

In your opinion, what should we do to inform the younger generation who are not familiar with the tricks of the Baha’is and do not know that they have ambushed them?

We have to clarify the facts as much as we can, of course, in order to be effective. We should work in their own language. Novels are interesting to young people and they are interested in them. At the same time, I have tried to present all the memories and facts of this sect in the form of novels to suit their tastes; meanwhile, I introduce the Baha’is as an unhealthy society that opposes a healthy society, I communicate with adolescents and young people.

Aren’t you being harassed in society and among the people as someone who used to be a Baha’i?

Neither I nor my children are upset at all and we are very proud and always present in the community with pride. My children proudly say that our mother was a Baha’i and now she is an anti-Baha’i who is active against them. I have prepared myself for martyrdom, such persecutions are very minor.

At the end, tell us if you have any memories?

There are many memories. One of the memoirs is related to the Baha’i role models. We had guests from other countries in the Baha’i community, they called them as the elders of the Baha’is and said you should follow their example, they are the most successful and prominent people in the Baha’ism. Then they introduced us to a woman who was a swimming champion in our city. She was repeatedly shown naked in different countries with the same medal that she had gained. This shows that the hijab has no place or meaning in the Baha’i community, and that when they exercise, there is nothing wrong with them being naked. It subconsciously came to my mind that when my role model is such a person, then there is nothing wrong with being naked. When we look at the Baha’i books, we see that there are no limits to the hijab. It has just been referred to it sometimes that it is better for each person to look at his or her own society and observe customs in society. This custom no longer prevents immoral issues and does not prevent carnality. They keep the custom ostensibly, but if we do not fear God and the Shari’a, we will do anything immoral. I remember well that the head of one of the Baha’i establishments in Hamedan was a woman named Naimi. A person who was considered one of the elders and spiritual role models of the Baha’i faith, who always wore a sleeveless dress and a short skirt up to the knee without socks. This was our model who should inject Baha’i spirituality among the people!! On the contrary, after I became a Muslim, when I went to Islamic religious gatherings, I saw that the situation was very different and that was not the case at all. This comparison is the best memory for me.

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